Attractions in Lanzarote 

It’s not always easy to entertain the whole family in one go when you are planing your holiday attractions list. Months before it’s even time to pack the bags and buy the euros, many people will spend hours searching for things to do while they are on holiday. Hours of lazing by the pool or at the beach, that’s the easy part. What shall we do after sunset? We might fancy a day doing something different? If it rains, what then? (Don’t panic! bad weather is rare in Lanzarote but its not impossible).

When we were in the planning stages of The Rooftop Entertainment, these were all questions we considered. No stone was left un-turned

Starlight OPen-air cinema,

We started off with lanzarote’s first ever Open-air cinema, which would offer a bespoke cinema experience unlike any other. 14 Classic movie greats week on week. Dual Language option via the HD headsets. A varied selection of comfy seating. Push button waiter service to your seat. Watching the Stars, Under the Stars, and when it gets a bit chilly, lounge heaters and blankets included.

We always knew that the long term vision was to offer more than one attraction under the same roof though….

Cine6D Lanzarote

The flagship Cine6D Studio was already up and running in Marina Lanzarote, located within the island capital of Arrecife. Our 2nd studio opened alongside Starlight in June 2016. The Lanzarote Skyride in particular is a great attraction which enables holidaymakers to view all of Lanzarotes’ best areas in one smooth simulated flight. Or go scuba diving below the waves off the coast of Lanzarote without getting wet.


What else was on our list? Well of course the number 1 favourite pastime of any good holiday is to enjoy a few drinks and snacks. When we first started to design the layout for The Rooftop entertainment zone, it was clear that the panoramic sea views would be enjoyed to the max with a bottle of chilled wine or a cocktail. This is where our vision moved up a level. Originally added as part of the Starlight open-air cinema experience, where food and drinks are delivered to your seat. Starcaf quickly gained a Starcaf Rooftop lounge area, where drinks can be enjoyed all day, all evening and the lovely in-between bit. Sunsets have been incredible here.

Lanzarote Mini-Golf

Lastly (for now!), We created a space for families to enjoy an activity which is suitable for all ages. Lanzarote Mini Golf was our final addition to the Rooftop attractions mix. Offering a mini golf course unlike any other, with great views by day or floodlit fun by night.

So there we have it. If you are looking for things to do in Lanzarote and also places to visit in Puerto del Carmen the Rooftop Entertainment centre is a great place to start. Four attractions, one venue and something for everyone. Not to mention that we are located on the Rooftop of a shopping mall, need we say more?

Come on down and join us, 4 lots of fun under 1 Rooftop!