Lanzarote ocean adventures are abundant! Whether you choose to enjoy scuba diving, thrill rides or take in the scenery on a lazy catamaran excursion. There is always a way to enjoy the varied sea life, above or below the waves. Scuba diving is an obvious choice for those who wish to get right into the thick of it. However, there are other simple options which are more suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

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Lanzarote Sea-life

What to see: Octopi, dolphins, flying fish and timid rays. These are just a few examples of what can be found living in our surrounding waters. You will see an exceptional amount of marine life during your holiday if you choose to look below the surface. Look very closely at the rocks and reefs to spot some of the spectacularly camouflaged creatures. Sea turtles are also common in Lanzarote and can often be found feeding on sea grass, or resting in the shallows.

Not ready to take the plunge? Although scuba diving in Lanzarote is a beautiful activity to take part in, it may not be everyones first choice for the family day out. This is where cine6D can step in and help!

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Ocean dive Lanzarote

We are proud to introduce our virtual simulated Lanzarote ocean dive tour….

OCEAN DIVE ATLANTIC is the perfect option for the entire family to enjoy the oceanic wonders of Lanzarote. An incredible voyage of discovery below the Atlantic ocean! A real life diving experience! Swim with Dolphins and whales. Discover ancient ship wrecks and dive through underwater caves. Encounter the famous yellow submarine. View the fantastic marine life and coral reefs all with fabulous 6D effects.

If you came to Lanzarote to relax, yet you still want to venture below the waves Oceandive Lanzarote is ideal for you. Dive into an underwater wonder world on a full 6d exciting tour of the deep. Discover the massive variety of marine life surrounding Lanzarote and the best part? You don’t even need to get wet! Tie your ocean dive in with a lazy lunch or evening meal, or a spot of shopping at the beautiful Marina Lanzarote.

Skyride LanzaroteOceanDive Lanzarote

SPECIAL OFFER! Take to the skies and then dive under the sea!

Skyride + Oceandive = FREE 6D thrill ride!

Book a Lanzarote Skyride to enjoy all of the best parts of Lanzarote on an unforgettable flight aboard our state of the art simulator. Follow your flight with a journey under the waves on board our simulated submarine safari. Finish the fun off with a FREE 6D thrill ride of your choice. Ask our staff for further details when you arrive at either of our Cine6D venues: Marina Arrecife and Biosfera shopping centre Puerto del Carmen.