The open-air cinema experience is rapidly becoming the number one thing to do in cities across the world. With popup outdoor cinemas appearing across the globe from London, to Sydney, to Japan, and now in Lanzarote too! Why is it so popular all of a sudden? Well it’s not so sudden actually. The oldest and longest running open-air cinema can be found in Australia. ’Sun Pictures’ has been welcoming movie buffs since the year 1916 and can be found in the Guinness Book of Records.

Open-air cinema

Outdoor Cinema 1900’s

In 1933 the first ever ‘Drive-In Cinema’ opened in America, starting a brand new trend across the states for viewing movies under a canopy of stars. Europe soon joined the open-air cinema trend, with Germany opening it’s first version in Frankfurt during the 1950’s, (still open today!).

If the idea is so well established, we wonder why so few of us have ever actually been to an open-air cinema? Perhaps the weather in the UK plays a part for the British. An outdoor movie experience while you are on holiday in the sub tropical climate of Lanzarote, surely has it’s benefits!

Starlight Open-air Cinema Lanzarote

Starlight Open-air Cinema Lanzarote

The tradition at Starlight Open-air cinema is to stick with classic movies, many of which you may have seen before. Why? There are many reasons for our movie choices. If for example, E.T was your favourite movie in 1982.. The odds are you watched it first time around on a bad VHS copy! If you were lucky enough to see it on the big screen, you barely remember what it was like. As for watching it at home? Well that’s never quite the same experience when we are talking about a blockbuster. Nothing beats a trip to the movies with a group of friends or family, each laden with enough popcorn to sink a rubber dingy. 

Cinema Lanzarote

Lanzarote Outdoor Cinema

That’s why the team at Starlight open-air cinema have decided to give you the opportunity to see all of your favourites again! View movie classics alongside more recent epic films. At Starlight, viewers have the chance to experience movies (old and new), in a completely unique and luxurious way. Breathing new life into the cinema experience!

Lanzarote moviesEvening entertainment in Lanzarote

Starlight Open-air cinema at ‘The Rooftop’, offer a monthly programme and simple online booking system for groups of all sizes to enjoy outdoor films. Warm evenings are abundant in Lanzarote, but for those cooler evenings, starlight offer blankets and push button waiter service. Order food and hot or cold drinks, delivered directly to your comfy seat. Each viewer has a choice of home comfort seating, and private HD headset (Dual language option).

Biosfera shopping plazaPuerto del Carmen

Located at the Rooftop Biosfera, Puerto del Carmen, Starlight cinema visitors can enjoy a full snack menu at the StarCaf, and drinks on the terrace with great panoramic views. There is also a mini golf area and last but not least! Our second cine6D mini thrill ride studio for pre movie entertainment! What more can you ask for from a movie theatre?!

Open 7 days a week – For further details and movie listings – visit 

Cine6D Lanzarote

Take in a 6D thrill ride while you are there!