Things to do in Arrecife – FOOD and DRINK

Arrecife. There are many things to do in Arrecife, and eating out there is a deliciously tasty option. Many might think that Lanzarote is all about wrinkly potatoes with Mojo Sauce, but although this dish shouldn’t be missed, there are is a wide range of culinary styles to get your mouth watering.

Not long ago it was a chore to find healthy wholesome alternative to the already popular local dishes but now Arrecife enjoys a diverse range of eateries offering everything from vegan, vegetarian or beefy burgers. There’s a menu for all tastes. Areas to check out include the Marina Lanzarote where you’ll find a number of bars and restaurants looking over the water with it’s moored yachts. A great time to get there is at sunset as all the restauarants face the setting sun. Entrepuentes, Lilium, Asiatico Marina and 100 Montaditos are just some of the places you can eat in the Marina.

Alternatively, check out the bars and restaurants around the Charco de San Gines. La MiƱoca, La Bulla and el Veganito (vegan) are just 3 of the many eateries on offer. If you want to go shopping in Arrecife click here

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